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1 a small cut of meat including part of a rib
2 a tennis return made with a downward motion that puts backspin on the ball [syn: chop shot]
3 a grounder that bounces high in the air [syn: chopper]


1 cut into pieces; "Chop wood"; "chop meat" [syn: chop up]
2 move suddenly
3 strike sharply, as in some sports
4 cut with a hacking tool [syn: hack]
5 hit sharply [also: chopping, chopped]

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  • , /ʧɒp/, /tSQp/
  • Rhymes with: -ɒp

Etymology 1


  1. A cut of meat, often containing a section of a rib.
    I only like lamb chops when it is served with mint jelly.
  2. A blow with an axe, cleaver, or similar utensil.
    It should take just one good chop to fell the sapling.
  3. Ocean waves, generally caused by wind, distinguished from swell by being smaller and not lasting as long.
  4. The result of a tied poker hand


  1. To cut into pieces with short, vigorous cutting motions.
    chop wood
    chop an onion
  2. To sever with an axe or similar implement.
    Chop off his head.
  3. To prepare marijuana so as to be smokable.
  4. In the context of "transitive|baseball": To hit the ball downward so that it takes a high bounce.
  5. To divide the pot (or tournament prize) between two or more players.
to chop

Etymology 2

छाप ćhāp (stamp)


  1. An official stamp or seal.
  2. Mark indicating nature, quality, or brand.

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Saratoga chop, Vandyke, alter, ameliorate, amputate, ax, bang, bank, barley, bash, bat, be changed, be converted into, be renewed, beam, beating, belt, biff, billow, bird seed, bisect, blaze, blow, bonk, border, bore, bottom out, box, bran, break, breakers, broadside, broken ground, broken water, buffet, bust, butcher, carve, cat food, change, checker, cheek, chicken feed, chop and change, choppiness, chopping sea, cleave, clip, clout, clump, coast, comb, comber, come about, come around, come round, corduroy, corduroy road, corn, corrugation, crack, crenellate, crenulate, crimp, crop, cube, cut, cut away, cut in two, cut off, cut up, cutlet, dash, degenerate, deteriorate, deviate, dice, dichotomize, dig, dint, dirty water, dissever, diverge, diversify, dog food, drub, drubbing, drumming, eagre, eatage, ensilage, excise, feed, fissure, flank, flop, fodder, forage, fragment, fusillade, gash, goose bumps, goose pimples, gooseflesh, grain, gravity wave, ground swell, hack, halve, hand, handedness, hash, haul around, haunch, hay, heave, heavy sea, heavy swell, hew, hip, hit, horripilation, improve, incise, indent, jab, jag, jibe, jigsaw, jowl, knock, knurl, lance, laterality, lick, lift, lop, machicolate, make mincemeat of, many-sidedness, mash, meal, meliorate, mill, mince, mitigate, modulate, multilaterality, mutate, mutton chop, nick, notch, oats, pare, paste, pasturage, pasture, peak, pelt, pet food, picot, pink, planking, plunk, poke, popple, pork chop, pound, profile, provender, prune, punch, quarter, rap, rend, revive, riffle, ripple, rise, rive, roll, roller, rough, rough water, sandpaper, saw, scallop, scarify, scend, scissor, score, scotch, scratch, scratch feed, sea, send, serrate, sever, shift, shore, side, siding, silage, slam, slap, slash, slice, slit, slog, slops, slug, smack, smash, snip, sock, spank, split, straw, stroke, sunder, surf, surge, swat, swell, swerve, swill, swing, swipe, tack, take a turn, tattoo, tear, temple, thump, thwack, tidal bore, tidal wave, tide wave, tooth, trough, tsunami, turn, turn aside, turn into, turn the corner, undergo a change, undulation, unilaterality, vary, veal chop, veal cutlet, veer, warp, washboard, water wave, wave, wavelet, whack, wheat, white horses, whitecaps, whittle, whop, worsen, yerk
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